Can I get Media Alert in my area?
Tampa Bay was the test bed for Media Alert. Media Alert is now available in the rest of Florida.
How is Media Alert information delivered to Media Alert subscribers?
Via satellite and other IP type connections. We currently offer four delivery methods.
How is Media Alert different from “blast fax”?
Media Alert information is delivered directly into the newsroom’s computer system. Each story from Media Alert is an important piece of information that is immediately read by the news departments. Faxs do not enjoy this reputation.
Who writes the stories for Media Alert?
All Media Alert information comes directly from the news makers. Sometimes they are written in complete story form… sometimes not. All emphasis, spellings and quotes come directly from the people in charge of the situations being reported.
How long does it take for a Media Alert news item to be delivered to ALL subscriber newsrooms?
Typically within one minute.
Who uses Media Alert?
The Tampa Bay area has been using Media Alert since 1994. Current expansion plans are underway and include Media Alert distribution in 12 "Operational Areas" in Florida by the end of the year.
What is the Amber Plan?
The Amber plan is an effort to inform the media as quickly as possible (in order to enlist the help of the public) when a child has been abducted. The State of Florida has a “single entry point” system in place for the Amber plan and they are a member of the Media Alert system.
I am not based in Florida. Can I still receive Media Alert?
Yes. Media Alert technology can service the entire United States. Currently only Florida news and information is transmitted, but Media Alert, Inc. is considering serving additional states.
How much does it cost?
Less than diamonds of equal weight. Seriously, rate structures vary according to market participation, but we will always be your most economical news source.
How do I receive Media Alert?
Media Alert will provide you with a satellite data receiver or other IT hardware or software as necessary.
What geographical area doesMedia Alert serve?
Twelve areas in Florida defined by the State of Florida as Operational Areas of the Emergency Alert System. See "What area does Media Alert cover" under HOME button.
I have a question.
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